Monday, 27 February 2012

Alternate google adsense

Advertiser Program Overview

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Chitika is an online advertising network that allows advertisers to serve ads directly to user intent, via our high-quality network of publishers and our innovative search targeted, mobile, and local ads. We bring the power and effectiveness of search targeted ads and place them on a huge, diverse network of publishers. Take your search ads to a whole new level by serving them across the Chitika ad network.
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Serve Your Ads To Users' Search Intent

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  • How is Chitika different?

    Chitika is an ad network that allows advertisers to serve their ads to search traffic on publishers' websites.
  • What kinds of ads does Chitika offer?

    Chitika offers three major ad products: Search Targeted, Mobile, and Local.
  • What are the requirements to advertise?

    Currently, to be an advertiser on the Chitika ad network, you must be willing to commit to a $50,000 monthly