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Microworkers work & earn money online

Microworkers is about connecting people who need something done (Employers) with people who want to help (Workers). These “things that need to be done” are called “micro jobs”.
Workers get paid when their Employer rates the task submitted as "satisfied". When a Worker logs into their account, they can check the status of various tasks they have submitted. If a task is marked "not satisfied" by the Employer, you (the Microworker) will not get paid. If a task is marked "satisfied" you will get paid. Workers can withdraw earned money through several different methods: PayPal, Check, Moneybookers, etc. After you have requested a payout, it takes up to 15 business days to process your payment.
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Quick info about microworkers

Company namemicroworkersCashout 9$Pay for visitingPTC - paid to click
Alexa Traffic Rank5,680 Currency$ Pay for Registering Sign up
Online since2002TransfernoPay for Purchasing no
ForumnoCheckyesOthersMake more money
Whois+infoPaypal/AlertpayPaypal berubyReferrals1 level of referrals

Microworkers detailed information

The basic idea is this: An “employer” (could be anyone like you and me – doesn’t need to be an actual employer) posts a task that needs to be completed. “Workers” accept the task, and if the task is completed in an acceptable manner, the “worker” is paid by the “employer.”
The tasks are quick, so workers can make money very fast (sometimes under 3 minutes, even if it’s only for $1), and employers can easily outsource tasks that are helpful to their online business. Depending on who you are and what you’re looking to do, both sides of this employer-worker relationship on Microworkers are appealing. Let’s look into the detail about how each side works, and the benefits for engaging in each.

So what do they pay for?

+ Digging, Buzzing, or Stumbling Upon articles
+ Signing up FREE sites
+ Viewing ads
+ Commenting in posts
+ Writing articles
+ Linking sites
Payment proof

How much do they pay?

$0.10 to $5.00 per task completed - The more complex the job is the more you’ll get paid.
Cashout is $9.00

Paying is in 10-15 working days via PayPal, AlertPay, Moneybookers or Check

How to work (vedio)


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